Phentermine Side Effects

You should always read the insert that is supplied with every bottle of Phentermine you initially purchase, as by doing so you will discover just which side effects are possible when you start taking it for the very first time.

However, most people are want to going to have some idea of just what the side effects are without having to first have to buy a supply of that popular and very effective appetite suppressant, and with that in mind I will know give you an insight into the side effects that have been associated with it.

Just be aware that most people are not going to experience any side effects but there are some which you could experience include you feeling short of breath, another quite serious but rare side effects is that you could experience  chest pain, and sometimes you could and up feeling like you are going to pass out.

There is also the chance that you may experience swelling in your ankles or feet when  you start taking Phentermine, and it has been found that some people may get a pounding heartbeat or what can best be described as a fluttering in your chest.

If you do experience any side effects which may also include tremors, or an overall feeling of restless, or when you start taking it you have trouble sleeping, or you spot any unusual changes in mood or behaviour, or you find that your blood pressure increase then you will be best advised to stop taking phentermine and have a word with a medical professional immediately.

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Some Other Side Effects Using Phentermine

As I have mentioned up above the chance of you experience any type of side effect when you start taking Phentermine are rare, but there are some additional ones that I would like to draw your attention too.

The following ones are common and they include you starting to itch, or you could find you experience a dizziness, or you could find when taking it you start to get  a headache or possibly you could find you get a dry mouth, another common side effect of taking Phentermine is diarrhoea, and constipation, and one final one is either an increased or decreased interest in sex. If you do start experiencing any side effects then do seek medical advice.

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to now move onto something I tend to do in most if not all of my Phentermine related guides, is answer all manner of different questions that many people who haven’t yet purchased and started taking Phentermine and as such read on to find the answers to each of those questions.

Are There Any Possible Drug Interactions?

In addition to those side effects that I have listed up above, there could also be some drug interactions that you may experience when taking Phentermine when you are taking some other medications and drugs, and as such do make yourself aware of each of those too.

Is Phentermine Reasonably Priced?

One of the main reasons why so many people do turn to Phentermine to help them lose weight is that you are not going to find a cheaper appetite suppressant and one that is so readily available without the need for a prescription too.

How Long with I Need to Take Phentermine For?

The length of time that you will need to take Phentermine does differ from person to person, as it will be the weight you are now and the amount of weight that you would like to lose, coupled with the speed at which you lose weight when using Phentermine too.

Does Everyone Lose Weight Taking Phentermine?

Even if you have failed at diets in the past you will find that when you tart taking Phentermine you will end up losing weight, so do keep that in mind if you are have searching around for an alternative to losing weight when going on a diet.

What is the Daily Dose of Phentermine?

One question that you will need to know the answer to if you are eager to start taking Phentermine is just how much of that drug you need to take each day as your daily dose, well the simple answer to that question is that you are only going to have to take one single pill per day and that pill will then stop your food cravings and any additional hunger pains for a full 24 hours, which is good to know of course.

Do I Need to Get a Prescription?

Now, you need to be aware that there is no need or requirement what so ever regarding you being able to buy Phentermine of having a prescription, so do not think that you are first going to have to see a Doctor and then convince him or her that you need to start using Phentermine before you are going to be able to buy it.

How Long Will It Take to Lose Weight?

On average it takes people who do start taking Phentermine just a few days to lose weight, however be aware that if you do not notice any weight loss after a few days then it may take you a tad longer, but ultimately you will eventually start to lose weight when taking Phentermine as you are going to end up eating much less than you would ever lose without you taking it.

How Much Weight Will I Lose with Phentermine?

You could lose a great deal of weight very quickly when you start taking Phentermine, however do keep in mind that it will be the initial amount of weight you do have to lose and how heavy you are that will determine the speed at which you do ned up losing weight taking Phentermine.