Privacy Policy uses cookies, cookies are basically files containing identifier data that may include letters and numbers that are transmitted through a web server to the internet browser and cookies are stored in the browser as well, the identifier will be sent again and again to the website from the browser whenever it is requested by the web page. Cookies may be of two types session and persistent. Persistent cookies are the cookies that were stored in the web browser and will remain so in the database until or unless the cookies expire or are either deleted/cleared, whereas Session cookies are expired as soon as the user leaves the page (the session is said to be expired).

In particular, cookies do not store any kind of personal data but works in identifying the user but even so the information regarding you that is stored by us may be linked to the personal information present in the cookies and can be obtained as well.

This website contains hyperlinks and information of third parties as well and the links mentioned are for source only so it is to clarify that we shall not be held responsible for any action of the third party, although sources are thoroughly checked and verified after close consideration even if you encounter any false information we will not be responsible for false guidance or any consequences processed by third party websites.

We store your personal information for different purposes but the information is not stored longer than it’s needed therefore the information will be eliminated and throughout the time being we take precautions in protecting your personal information as much as possible, Hence we retain your personal information

  • Till the duration of time being we are legally advised to do.
  • If we see fit during any ongoing or relevant perspective of law.
  • To either impose or defend our legal rights.